Local Incentives

 In addition to the many grant and loan programs, obtainable through state, federal and non-profit agencies which GREDA will pursue on your behalf, GREDA and the City of Grand Rapids offer a variety of local incentives to qualified businesses. GREDA Staff is available to confidentially discuss any of these and other programs to determine if they match your business needs. Some of the local incentives offered by GREDA and the City are listed as follows:

Commercial Building Improvement Loan Program (CBIL)

GREDA administers the CBIL Program, a revolving loan fund providing below market rate loans of up to $40,000 to qualified businesses interested in making improvements or additions to their building, or are planning new business construction. To lessen the initial financial burden to a business, Program loans are amortized at an interest rate of 2% over a 20 year period with a 5 year balloon. For additional CBIL information or to download an application form, select below.

CBIL Program Guidelines

CBIL Application

1000 Lakes front

1,000 Lakes Sporting Goods
331 NW 4th Street, Grand Rapids, MN



Rowe Funeral Home
510 NW 1st Avenue, Grand Rapids, MN


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