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The Grand Rapids/Itasca County area workforce has a reputation for being dedicated and highly proficient.  Local employers enjoy a stable base of employees with high productivity, low turnover and low absenteeism.  Favorable labor force qualities, combined with competitively positioned wage and benefit rates, are additional reasons why Grand Rapids is an ideal location for your business.

The average 2018 unemployment rate for Itasca County, at approximately 5.4%, was and is typically above the State average, which was approximately 2.9% during the same time period.  The CareerForce, located in Grand Rapids, can assist you in connecting with the members of this available workforce.

Itasca County Employment Quick Facts:

Quick Fact

(2011 Q1)

Itasca County
  (Avg: Selected + 3 prior qtrs)  

(2011 Q1)

(Avg: Selected + 3 prior qtrs)

Total Employment 13,569 13,376 2,165,924 2,180,837
Net Job Flows 18 89 -6,608 -1,824
Job Creation 501 725 92,105 105,517
New Hires 1,133 1,358 201,031 210,952
Separations 1,390 1,775 241,788 275,544
Turnover 7.1% 7.1% 6.8% 7.3%
Avg. Monthly Earnings $3,125.00 $3,250.00 $4,354.00 $4,383.00
Avg. New Hire Earnings $2,022.00 $2,986.25 $2,419.00 $3,091.50

20XX Q1 Average Weekly Wage Comparison


Itasca Community College (Grand Rapids), ranked the 5th best community college in the nation by Washington Monthly magazine, provides local access to customized training, tailored to your particular business needs.  Customized Training programs, administered by Itasca Community College, utilize a wide array of resources available within 36 colleges and universities in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system. 

Customized Training at Itasca Community College can also help you assess your organization's training needs, increase your current employees' skills and train or retrain employees.


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