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The Grand Rapids/Itasca County area is uniquely positioned for significant expansion in the use of Broadband for individual and commercial use.

As an example, of the approximately 4,000 homes in the Grand Rapids area, virtually all are currently passed by fiber optic cable. This allows FTTP Internet services that are easily available, commercially affordable, and reasonably priced. This infrastructure supports Internet speeds of up to 60 Mbps and Metro Ethernet speeds up to 1 Gbps. Similar in place infrastructure exists in adjacent cities, adding several thousand additional homes. Additional construction in progress will give more nearby rural areas this same advantage.

All-in-all, the Grand Rapids area is unique not only in its quality of life, but in its ability to welcome and support telecommuters and information technology employers.

Our staff would be pleased to assist you with contact information for our local service providers which include, but are not necessarily limited to: Paul Bunyan Telecommunications, MediaCom and CenturyLink.


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